Villa Glasscube Combines Luxury and Functionality

The Villa Glasscube is a contemporary Belgian residence that is located near the French border. This home sits on a sloping piece of land near the coast. The architect was challenged to build a home that has an open floor plan. This was challenging given the considerable slope of the land, but the designers succeeded wonderfully. The Villa Glasscube maintains its balance despite a slope of more than 2 metres.

villa glasscube inside view from outside

The Villa blends perfectly into the quiet environment surrounding it. The “less is more” principle describes the design of this Villa. It was constructed with function in mind. It is in harmony with the surrounding environment thanks to large windows that offer a stunning panoramic view of the dune-like landscape outside.

villa glasscube front side view from a corner

The exterior of the Villa Glasscube is made of concrete, which was poured on site. The front door and garage are made with sustainable wood. There is a floating living area with a spacious patio located on the south side of the house. The kitchen and master bedroom are also on the southside of the home. The main entrance and the children’s rooms are located on the north. A sunroof adds privacy and style. It is great for entertaining also.

villa glasscube wall roof and yard view

Large sliding windows completely cover one whole wall of the Villa. They connect the indoor of the home with the outside and help to let in light and fresh air. The large glass windows also provide a nice softer contrast to the stark concrete exterior of the Villa.

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