Whidbey Farm Lodge Resort Blends Art and Agriculture

Island County in Washington state is composed of several islands, the largest of which is Whidbey Island. Located about 30 miles north of Seattle, the island is nestled between the Olympic Peninsula and the I-5 corridor. Whidbey Island acts as the northern boundary for Puget Sound. The 37 mile long island is filled with rural living, but is also filled with plenty of activities. The island is often referred to as Puget Sound’s Largest Artist’s Colony because of its many working artists, writers, and performers who work in ever form from painting to sculpting, glass, wood, metal, mixed media, photography, prose, poetry, and music. There’s a reason why these creatives come to live on this island, and you can get a feel for that reason with a stay at the Whidbey Farm Lodge Resort.

whidbey farm lodge resort walkway

Whidbey Farm is a retreat that is carefully tucked into the forest of Whidbey Island. The area is marked by turn-of-the-century farm buildings, which the house overlooks from its setting. Along with the old buildings, there are bucolic cattle fields as well as a cat-tail edged pond. Built around a courtyard of natural grasses and ferns, the farm is picturesque and serene—a place where one can get lost in thought and art. On the perimeter of the courtyard is a stacked natural stone wall. This low wall serves as an organizing force for the rooms of the house. The home was originally designed to be a place where a large local family could come for summer BBQs, fishing, and holiday gatherings. As such, it’s a flexible and durable place where kids can play, or where you can find peace and quiet. The home itself is made from naturally weathered woods as well as concrete, stone and stone walls. Black steel accents dress up the home. The Whidbey Farm Lodge Resort is the perfect blending of what the island is known for—agriculture and art.

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