The Younger House by Stuart Tanner Architects Shows Beauty through Simplicity

Stuart Tanner and his clients came together to form an idea about how a home should be able to interact and engage with its surroundings. From there, their innovation and creativity only grew. The result produced, is an outstanding structure that stands today as the Younger House in Dunalley, Tasmania.

a men standing corner of younger house

The Younger house is a visually striking home that shows the beauty of like-minded design and building from within one’s environment, as opposed to on top of it.

younger house interior view from outside

As are many properties in gorgeous Tasmania, the Younger House had the important task of having minimal distinction between the interior and exterior, with the desire of crafting beautiful harmony with the house’s environment.

a chair on younger house yard

Due to the risk of fire damage in this region, Tanner has several stipulations to consider as he chose design materials. As a result, the house was made predominantly from concrete – a unique building block for such an elegant structure.

younger house full view

Hearing “concrete” may make you cringe at the thought, thinking of sidewalks or speedbumps, but the material was precast and when combined with steel, glass and Tasmanian Oak, it all works together, creating a modern, yet satisfyingly natural aesthetic.

younger house with the sky and sea view

What’s more, is that the structure was perfectly adapted to consider the remote location, minimal budget, and speedy timeline set forth for the architecture team. When all was said and done, Tanner and his clients can rest easy knowing that they created a home that gives a great sense of security, serenity, and seamless harmony with the surrounding environment.

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