Z9 Resort Kanchanaburi is History’s Most Famous Sanctuary

Z9 Resort Kanchanaburi takes its inspiration from the famous Mount Sinai, where the Old Testament prophet Moses went to find solitude and to contemplate what he needed to do to lead the millions of Israelites he was in charge of. Located in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, Z9 is a similar place—a place where you can go to recharge and rejuvenate, a place of quiet contemplation.

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Z9 offers floating house suites on the Srinkakarin Dam in Kanchanaburi. The houses are available in two styles based on which direction you head. The floating houses to the south offer a view of the water as it blends into the western mountains. Up to two guests will be able to enjoy all the facilities, as well as the stunning sunsets. To the north you will find 50 square meter floating houses that face the giant freshwater sea. An extra bed is available for these suites. Regardless of where you stay, you’ll be able to take in the unparalleled view of the Khwae Yai River as it rushes into the freshwater sea. A coffee house and bakery are also on site to make sunrise and sunset that much more enjoyable.

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