bamboo charcoal bedding makes up your laziness

Bamboo Charcoal Bedding Makes Up For Your Laziness About Washing the Sheets

We here at Man of Many are avid supporters of gender equality, but that doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge how certain tasks seem to elude certain genders. Therefore we don’t feel it’s politically incorrect to suggest that we men often seem downright impervious to washing the bed sheets. There’s just something about taking off the sheets, throwing them in the wash, and then putting them back on that hinders on a physically painful experience. After all, it’s so much easier to just wallow in our filth night after night.

bamboo charcoal bed sheet

Unfortunately, such behaviour leads to the branding of us as slobs, fights with the significant other and even the occasional botched romantic encounter. Since we’re obviously not going to start washing the sheets (we do have our limits) we then must ask ourselves: is all hope lost?

bamboo charcoal bedding

According to a new Kickstarter campaign, the answer is a resounding “no”. Introducing Bacteria and Odour Control Bamboo Charcoal Bedding. That’s right, fellas. Some geniuses have created technologically advanced sheets that utilize 100% Bamboo Charcoal Lyocell to keep everything nice and fresh for long periods of time. While completely safe for humans, the bamboo charcoal eats bacteria and odour for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 300 bamboo thread (equivalent to 1000 cotton thread) sheets are also comfortably soft, ecologically sustainable and silky smooth. Oh, and they’re completely affordable, too.

odour control bamboo charcoal bedding

With Bamboo Charcoal Bedding, she’ll never have to know you’re just another average, lazy dude who only used to wash his sheets once the flies started circulating. Of course, should your relationship blossom into something more long-term she’ll eventually find out–but like the great procrastinator that you are you’ll worry about that later.

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