Captain Nemo Probably Owned a Nautilus Underwater Power Drill

The good news is you don’t have to go 20,000 leagues under the sea for a Nautilus Underwater Power Drill. Designers Alexander Kaula and Andreas Schmidt came up with an underwater drill that not only addresses the challenges of an underwater drill, but 86es them. Underwater tools are difficult because they typically require compressed air being delivered via an air line, which constricts movement. Additionally, water pressure and dust dispersion reduce visibility. Instead of using air, the Nautilus drill is a cordless power drill. The unit is powered by induction coils that have been molded into the waterproof housing. The drill is powered by AA batteries—no more hoses to get in the way. As for the dust and visibility problem, the drill uses an aluminum bronze impeller that pulls water from the front and out the back, clearing debris-filled water from the front and opening up visibility. The same process helps keep the drill’s motor cool. The tool is rated for up to 50 meters of depth, so to counteract the water pressure, extra air pressure is stored in the inner shell of the engine block. The drill is still in the prototype stage, with no word of when it will be available.

Check it out

back view nautilus drill

handle view underwater drill

nautilus back side

fan view nautilus drill

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