Classic and Contemporary Combine – Seine House

In the suburbs of Paris, the Seine House was renovated from an abandoned millstone home where its historic architectural elements were restored. The original sandstone walls, herringbone wooden floors and exterior roof and porches were revitalised, with the black steel staircase and concrete flooring providing the modern touch to this classic structure. The steel and glass extensions enlarges the living area and establishes an outdoor patio. The highlight of this architectural beauty is the hall dedicated to displaying the owner’s extensive CD and vinyl collection.

seine house architecture

It is definitely an instrumentalist or music connoisseur’s dream. Even if you don’t fit either of those two personalities, anyone will appreciate the architectural aesthetics of this Parisian beauty. Just imagine listening to your favourite tunes while lounging around with a glass of the finest wine as you admire the perfect balance between classic and modern design.

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traditional house with modern extension

renovation architecture stone wood