Could the Sonny Portable Bidet Save Our Future?

Have you ever stopped to consider that we’ve been taking the future of our environment and wiping our backsides with it? That may seem a bit drastic to say, but it’s the exact question that an Indiegogo project is asking. The project is looking for funding for the Sonny Portable Bidet, and they bring up some pretty interesting points.

Sonny Portable Bidet

Did you know that toilet paper has been around for over 100 years? Every year, over 36 million rolls of toilet paper are used. To create that much toilet paper, it takes 15 million trees and 473 billion gallons of water. By using a bidet, you can help cut back on toilet paper usage. On a daily basis, you could help save your portion of 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper—roughly 41,000 trees, 1,297,500,000 gallons of water, and 88,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases.

But installing a bidet in your toilet might be a bit impractical as it requires specific plumbing and an electrical outlet, not to mention that it requires an expert to install it correctly. That extra work makes it cost prohibitive.

Sonny Portable Bidet in hands

The Sonny Portable Bidet addresses all those concerns with a small unit that is hygienically superior to toilet paper, yet simple to use. The Sonny Portable Bidet requires no installation and can travel with you. You can get three weeks of use out of a single charge, and you’ll be saving 1,739 gallons of water per year that would otherwise be used to make toilet paper.

Sonny has both normal and high pressure spray settings and it comes with an antibacterial and interchangeable nozzle head. The design is classic and discreet—so you won’t be calling attention to your bathroom habits with Sonny. Using Sonny will cut back on the more than 50 pounds of toilet paper used on average by each American—that’s a pretty messy future. And it’s not just post-bathroom that you can use Sonny. There are plenty of other uses that you can do with this portable device.

So, do your part to stop flushing our future and start saving trees and water today.

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