swearing dog collar

Cuss Collar Swears Whenever Your Dog Barks

Ever wish your dog had a voice so they could let you know what he/she’s thinking? Well, Cuss Collar will either make your dream come true or potentially bring an end to the phrase ‘man’s best friend.’

Cuss Collar from Mschf is a simple pet accessory that combines a patented leather collar with a compact black speaker that swears every time your dog barks.

For US $60, Cuss Collar can replace those repetitive woofs with “motherf#*ker,” “bullshit” and all kinds of other expletives. All you need is a couple of AAA batteries and a dog – your relationship will never be the same again.

Cuss Collar is not a shock collar, nor is it suitable for any training or anti-bark measures. It’s designed for a laugh and to upset more conservative members of the community. Walk a dog through populated areas at your own risk.

The volume measures up to 80 Db, while the leather collar has a padded interior for comfort, a stainless steel buckle and a standard tag attachment ring.

If you wish to hear your pet use the type of language you tell children not to use, grab a collar via the link below.

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