Every Bachelor Needs the EcoQube Veggie Garden

You don’t need a backyard to grow a nutritious garden. The EcoQube Frame from Aqua Design Innovations is a living decoration perfect for an apartment as it’s compact in size and grows micro-veggies in just ten days. All you need to do is add water. EcoQube itself is an aesthetically pleasing frame that stands on a bench, desk or can easily be mounted to a wall. The frame consists of two sections while plant pads holding hundreds of seeds are inserted into each. A reservoir at the bottom of the frame feeds water upward into the seed pads until they sprout.

 ecoqube veggie garden wood frame

EcoQube is the garden that keeps on giving as there’s the obvious savings to be had by growing your own food, plus the additional health benefits offered by micro veggies. EcoQube grows around $25 worth of veggies every ten days, paying for itself in just one month. EcoQube Founder and CEO Kevin Liang stated “Micro-veggies have up to 40 times the nutrients of regular vegetables. This is the smartest, most economical way to grow the most nutritious food at home.” Once the harvesting is done, re-seed the plant pads with your favourite succulents or micro veggies, add water and you’re ready to go again.

 ecoqube veggie garden balcony

Aqua Design Innovations is campaigning via Kickstarter to get the EcoQube frame off the ground. With over a month of the campaign remaining, Aqua Design has already raised more than $100,000 over the ten grand funding goal. Pledges start at $45 U.S. and the micro veggies garden is expected to ship early 2018.

Check it out

 ecoqube veggie garden wall

 ecoqube veggie garden on the table

 ecoqube veggie garden ecoqube frame

 ecoqube veggie garden green wall

ecoqube veggie garden indoor plants

ecoqube veggie garden aqua design innovations


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