Everybody Must Get Stoned – Mazama Black Bubble Stoneware

The artisans behind Mazama Wares–which takes its name from the volcano that created Oregon’s Crater Lake–aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Their magnificent drinkware is moulded from raw, organic material lifted straight from the earth, much of it coming from the very same land that gave the company its name. As such Mazama Wares offers products that represent the true evolution of handmade craft, incorporating modern technology when needed but never to the point of overpowering the unparalleled purity of ceramics, clays, mud, kilns, glass, hammers and drills.

mazama black bubble stoneware tea cup

What that amounts to are true handmade wares that emanate with the independent spirit and a bold aesthetic. Take for example their Black Bubble Stone Ware Collection. One look at these mugs and your mind is transported to mystic rocky caves and volcanic formations. Every single detail at play reinforces an artisanal approach that robots won’t be able to master for at least another decade. The crude beauty of the black bubbles paired with hand-thrown stoneware results in a mug that begs you to treat it with the utmost care and respect.

Mazama Wares does everything by hand under one roof. Most of their designs start over drinks with a pen and paper out, their minds ready for action as those intoxicated juices flow. After the design stage there’s some more drinking followed by a hunt for minerals and materials that are literally thousands of years old, much of it being sourced right there in the Northwest. With alcohol in their blood and the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi (which seeks a higher aesthetic through imperfection) guiding their process, the folks at Mazama yield some of the most eye-catching drinkware you’re likely to find. The end products make for the perfect gifts this upcoming holiday season–assuming you can resist keeping them all to yourself.