Introducing Nagasaki – The Knife That Will Stay with You For Life

Born in a city renowned for manufacturing fine swords, knives, scissors and razors, we’ve finally found a kitchen knife that will get you all excited to get cooking again. The product which was launched on Kickstarter, has been exceeding expectations, creating hype around the globe as it’s Kickstarter goal is just shy of it’s target of €8,700 (AU $12,313) in only a matter of months (currently at around €6,457).

The thing that makes this knife a cut above the rest is it’s ability to be ultra sharp and long lasting. It’s the use of Japanese VG10 steel that gives this knife a unique touch and its long lasting ability altogether. No one is as serious about knives as the team behind Nagasaki are as the knife undergoes some serious quality control tests during its manufacturing process. Using what’s called a Damascus Blade made from Japanese VG10 steel, the knife has been hand-hammered and forged for the ease of continuously slicing with precision. If you know a thing or two about knives, the Nagasaki offers 67 cutting core layers as compared to normal VG10 steel which mostly comes with 32 cutting layers. This means that the knife is pretty powerful.

introducing nagasaki the knife creating hype

The Nagasaki is topped off with a Micarta wood handle finish, adding an elegance to a quality piece. The Nagasaki is now available on Kickstarter to pre-order for the price of €87 (AU $123).

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