It Took an Expert Sculptor to Come up with the Brizo Vettis Concrete Faucet

Christopher Shannon, a noted expert sculptor from Canada, is responsible for the work behind the Brizo Vettis Concrete Faucet. A part of the nature-inspired Vettis Bath Collection that Brizo launched just this year, the Concrete Faucet took years to design and create. The single handle design maintains the design of the original faucet from the Vettis line, but comes in a raw material that has to be hand poured in Shannon’s British Columbia studio.

Each faucet is tinted with pure charcoal to create its colour. The faucet has to cure for 30 days after pouring. The process of creating the faucet results in a textural finish and colour that is unique, making your bathroom seem entirely bespoke. What else is unique about this faucet is the way the water pours, creating a waterfall effect.

Only 500 Vettis Concrete Faucets will be released. You can reserve yours for only USD$2,500.

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