Less is More With Honomobo Shipping Container Homes

In an age of vast consumerism, more and more people are embracing the minimalist lifestyle – one which adopts a ‘less is more’ core philosophy in all aspects of living. Those who choose this lifestyle are passionate about things like climate change and eco-friendliness. Though minimalists often have the opportunity to have more, they realise that having less can potentially bring them more happiness.

Shipping container homes are popular with people who want to live a simpler life. These houses take less time to construct than traditional homes. They are also highly versatile, and ideal for a variety of different living situations.

honomobo shipping container homes sofa

Canadian architecture firm Honomobo have raised the bar with these modern, well-designed shipping container structures. Honomobo shipping container homes make perfect houses, guest suites or annexes, depending on your needs.

They take as little as ten weeks to built and offer numerous eco-friendly options, such as optional solar panels and upgraded insulation. The company have offered several different models from which to choose: The HO1 is a tiny house at just 240 sq/ft – in spite of its small size, it seems spacious due to efficient design and unique areas that serve dual purposes. The HO1 has everything that you would need in a home, including the option to add a functional kitchenette and a full bathroom. It’s cooled and heated with a high-efficiency heat pump.

houses using shipping container

The Ho4+ is the largest of the container homes. Constructed from four shipping containers, this home features either a two bedroom plus convertible space that would make a perfect office space, or customers can choose a three bedroom floor plan if they prefer. This home features floor to ceiling windows, a full sized kitchen and large living room.

Honomobo’s stackable, highly-efficient shipping container homes are just about perfect for minimalist, yet modern living.

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honomobo container house front view

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