Would You Live in These 10 Modern Floating Homes?

Would You Live in These 10 Modern Floating Homes?
June 18, 2017 Man of Many

Would You Live in These 10 Modern Floating Homes?

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You might have noticed people living in quirky floating houses as you drove along a river or lake and wondered what it would be like to live on the water. No doubt, the floating life has a lot of perks—private beaches, water views from every angle, and more.

Although the lifestyle is not for everyone, it offers a cost-effective way to live on the water. Floating homes come in a variety of designs from minimalistic to luxurious – Dwell offers a glimpse into ten modern floating homes located all over the world. Here they are for you to check out, or head over to the original article for more info.

Floating House on Lake Huron

This prefab structure is located in Ontario on the banks of Lake Huron. It floats on a frame made of steel pontoons. The home is wrapped in cedar. Slatted rain screens help reduce exposure to the natural elements.

Houseboat on the Eilbekkanal

This houseboat has an upper and lower deck that are connected by a staircase located inside the structure. Residents access the boat by a small footbridge that leads from the bank of the Eilbekkanal canal to the home. The living spaces all face the canal. The deck runs the entire length of the living space.

“O” De Squisito Houseboat

This ultra modern houseboat features lots of glass and kitchen, living room and informal dining room spread out on the top deck. The lower deck is home to the steerage, sleeping quarters and bathroom.

ParkArk in Utrecht

Utrecht’s ParkArk was built specially for a Dutch family who wanted to live on the water next to a park by BYTR Architects.

Floatwing by Friday

This Portugese pre-fab, which can be shipped anywhere in the world, is designed to be self-sufficient for a whole week, allowing the owner to visit some of the most remote locations.

A Floating Home in Copenhagen Harbour

This floating home lies in the picturesque Copenhagen harbour, and was designed by Laust Nørgaard. The sliding doors open up to the bedrooms, so residents can jump in for a swim straight out of bed.

Port X on Vltava River

Floating on Prague’s Vltava River, this home-cum-events space has been designed to maximum portability and versatility.

Mjölk Architekti’s Houseboat in Prague

This affordable build in downtown Prague featured open living areas opening out on to an entertaining deck, with a cozy bedroom up top.

Water Villa Houseboat in Amsterdam

Floating in a canal, this elaborate design features an underwater level with more bedrooms and an atrium linking it to the upper living areas, and remote-controlled shutter windows for added privacy.

The SayBoat in the Czech Republic

Architect Milan Rídký gave birth to this design, which focusses on minimalism and utility to make a floating home which acts more as a small apartment than a boat.

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