Menu Sweeper and Funnel Takes the Waste out from under the Rug

Many tools have been around for years without much change or improvement, which is a shame since form is often just as important as function. Designer Jan Kochanski took on the challenge of re-imagining one such implement—the dustpan—and successfully improves on not only the function, but also the form.

Kochanski’s version keeps the basic idea of the dustpan, allowing you to sweep up the dirt and debris from your floor using an included sweeper that slips tidily into the handle for storage. That handle also serves as a funnel, making disposing of all that gathered detritus a much cleaner project.

Kochanski didn’t just add a hollow handle to the dustpan and call it good. He also took a moment to add simple elegance to the tool. The sweeper has a wood handle and dark bristles. The dustpan comes in either white or black and measures 12.2 inches by 9.1 inches by 2.8 inches.

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