Have a Whale of a Time With The Royal Digital Grand Piano by Whaletone

The Royal Digital Grand Piano by Whaletone is an incredibly light, mobile and elegant answer to the idea of the grand piano. It produces sound using extremely high fidelity digital synthesizer reproduction and modulation.

It’s sleek fiberglass body delivers all the resonance and beauty you expect from a high quality digital piano. Developed over the span of two years, the final form of the Royal Digital Grand Piano by Whaletone offers the pianist unprecedented comfort and elegance that no other digital piano can match.

royal digital grand piano by whaletone front

It is absolutely minimal physical interference with the artist, allowing full range of movement, easy access to the entire keyboard for a graceful mode of play that no other artifact in the world can be said to match in quite the same way.

At $110,000, this is certainly no toy. It an extremely serious tool for both the learning and performance needs of dedicated pianists.

Check it out

whaletone royal digital grand piano penguin type

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