Seriously Syros – The Summer House From Block 722

Located in the Cyclades, a group of islands south east of Athens in Greece lies Syros, an island with a population just north of twenty five thousand people spread across a small number of towns and villages. Like most islands in the Aegean, it boasts beautiful ancient architecture held in high regard but tourists from far and wide, so might not strike you at first as a place to check out some new-age design (with old school flavours), but check out this pimp summer pad from Athens / Stockholm based firm Block 722 Architects.

seriously syros flush to the floor bathtub

The house is designed to fit in perfectly with its surrounds, taking in the spectacular views of Plagia Bay and encompassing the historic architectural stylings of the region. With a guesthouse, library, cellar, flush-to-the-floor bathtub, huge living and sleeping areas and an infinity pool to top it all off, it’s hard to think of a better bachelor pad for summertime in the Greek islands.

Check it out

syros huge living and sleeping areas

syros guesthouse