Superhouse by Ström Architects Is the Most Luxurious House in the World

If you are one of the few lucky to be super-rich, Swedish architect Magnus Ström has just the home for you—the Superhouse. These limited-edition houses are custom-made for the rich using the same design principles that are used to create super yachts. Ström’s idea for the luxury homes came from working with a renowned naval designer that designed superyachts.

ström architects superhouse  fire camp area

Ström Architects designed each Superhouse with the same level of quality and detail that you would find in a superyacht. They are customised exactly to specification. Every single element of the house is tailor-made for the owner. Each Superhouse is unique and designed exclusively for the owner’s lifestyle.

ström architects superhouse bathtub with outside scenario

The first concept Superhouse, named S00/30, has been completed. Located on a secluded bay on an undisclosed island in the Mediterranean, this home breathtaking. It is accessed by a long winding road that cuts through a breathtaking mountainous landscape. There is a walled entrance to the courtyard that gives the home a sense of luxury. An open deck on one side of the house that provides a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. Noteworthy features of this Superhome include a private dock, outside pool and spa, eight car garage, wine cellar, an indoor driving range and a large home cinema.

ström architects superhouse pool bridge evening view

Ström can build the Superhouse anywhere in the world—wherever the owner wants it. The firm has said that they plan to build 30 of these homes. Each Superhouse will have a unique serial number that is engraved somewhere in the facade.

Check it out

ström architects pool side area view

ström architects superhouse countryside view chair on rooftop

ström architects superhouse reading and drinking chair

ström architects superhouse pool and spinning stair view

ocean view from ström architects superhouse living room

ström architects superhouse bedroom room architecture

superhouse pillow bag on bridge beside a boat

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