Wooden House by Studio Pikaplus

The Wooden House by Studio PIKAPLUS, located in Slovenia, is a tiny home that meshes perfectly with the surrounding evergreen forest and rolling hills. This hexagonal residence came in second place for the Best Wooden Construction in Slovenia last year.

This house beautifully blends the indoors with the outdoors. Built of timber, it sits right at the edge of a forest clearing and practically disappears into the natural landscape. Inspired by the traditional mountain cabin, the Wooden House features oblique sides and exaggerated angles. This gives it a distinctive, modern appearance.

best wooden house by studio pikaplus

Slovenia can experience harsh weather with the changing seasons. Therefore, the Wooden House is wrapped durable outer dark cladding and thick insulation to protect it from the hard winters of the Central European country.

At just 82 square meters, this cabin feels much larger due to the smart design. Because of the limited space, Studio PIKAPLUS created lots of open air spaces, which mesh with the private spaces to help the interior spaces harmonise with nature. The interior was carefully designed to accommodate the resident’s day-to-day needs. Timber is used throughout the interior to help the house blend in with the wooded setting. The design is simple as the exterior is the real focus. The rooms are shaped by the angular shape of the roof. Each space, except for the bathroom, faces the expansive glass facade, inviting the natural surroundings into the home.

pikaplus the living room

The living room, kitchen, dining area and bathroom are all on the first floor of the home. There is also a sauna located on the ground floor. Two bedrooms, located upstairs, overlook the ground floor below.

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pikaplus bedrooms

pikaplus kitchen rooms

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