Adventur 3.0 Ultimate Survival Credit Card Proves the Outdoors Accepts Credit

The tagline for credit cards used to be: “Never leave home without it.” Here’s a credit card for which that statement is somewhat literal.

The Adventur 3.0 Ultimate Survival Credit Card might not be able to buy you that shower puff you’re considering, but it will save your backside in a survival situation.

The Adventur 3.0 Ultimate Survival Credit Card has over 20 different uses. You can use it as a scraper, knife, can opener, box opener, cord cutter, and bottle opener. Lash it to a stick as an axe or shovel, or use the arrowhead to make an arrow or spear. The Adventur also includes an O2 wrench, a set of wrenches, a ¼ inch hex bit driver, a screwdriver, a distance ruler, a sundial clock and compass, a protractor, a metric and inch ruler, and a wire bender hole.

Made from natural titanium, 440c silver stainless steel, or black gun steel, the Adventur is the size of a credit card—just as the name suggests.

The arrowheads are available in different colours and you can add accessories, like a slingshot band or the Fisherman Kit. It also comes with a small handle that you can use in a number of configurations.

So set down that puff and pick up the Adventur—it will fit nicely in your wallet, right next to your man card.

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