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14 best perth fishing spots to drop a line

14 Best Perth Fishing Spots to Drop a Line

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is known for its top-rated fishing experiences. Boasting countless rivers and a 12,500-kilometre coastline, you can see why Western Australia is loved by novice and pro anglers alike. With Deep-sea, Freshwater and even Beach fishing available, Perth is a must-visit for those who enjoy throwing a line.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best fishing spots Perth has on offer.

Best Fishing Spots Perth

trigg beach lookout

1. Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach is an ideal place to fish. The beach features many spots to cast your line, but the sand patches between the amazing rocky reefs are highly recommended. Fish here during high tide, so there’s less of a chance of losing your hook.

Type of fishing: Beach Fishing
Expect to find: Whiting, Australia Salmon
Best time to go: Early Morning

blackwall reach lookout

2. Blackwall Reach

Blackwall Reach is considered to be one of the best places in Perth to cast your line. The cliff spot is close to 25 metres below the saltwater surface and is a perfect hiding spot for large schools and predator fish because of the proximity to the ocean and the river, there’s plenty of fish to catch.

Type of fishing: River Fishing
Expect to find: Herring, Bream, Mullet, Tailor, Garfish, Pinkies, Tarwhine, Snapper and Flatheads.
Best time to go: Early Evening

canning wooden bridge

3. Canning Bridge

Canning Bridge features many fishing spots. You can cast your line at the fishing platform, the Jetty under the bridge and even the banks along the river. Here you will find good fishing year-round, but particularly in Summer when the water warms up.

Type of fishing: Fishing Platform
Expect to find: Black Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Mulloway, Herring and Tailor
Best time to go: Early Afternoon

fisherman on cottesloe rock groyne

4. Cottesloe Rock Groyne

Cottesloe Rock Groyne is known as one of the most popular beaches in Perth but is also a popular beach fishing spot. It gets busy, but there’s plenty of fish to go round. So cast your line off the beach and try your luck.

Type of fishing: Beach Fishing
Expect to find: Tailor, Herring, Whiting, Skipjack and Garfish
Best time to go:  Early Morning and Early Afternoon

night narrows bridge

5. Narrows Bridge

Found in the heart of the CBD, Narrows Bridge offers a couple of good spots to drop your lure in the Swan River. The sandy shore and under the bridge near the concrete pylons are perfect spots for schools of fish.

Type of fishing: River/Jetty Fishing
Expect to find:  Mulloway, Black bream and Cobbler
Best time to go: Early evening and night

children fishing at rottnest island jetty

6. West End – Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is popular due to the abundant marine wildlife as around 450 species of fish are found in Rottnest Island waters. The West End of the island is home to a sanctuary zone, there’s a platform where you can fish the Radar Reef.

Type of fishing: Beach/jetty Fishing
Expect to find: Mackerel, Salmon, Tailor
Best time to go: Early Morning
Rules: Net fishing and Spearfishing are prohibited

riverside gardens jetty

7. Riverside Gardens

Riverside Gardens is known for its small jetties that are kid-friendly. There are plenty of different fish species and schools of fish with hiding holes along the bridges and posts.

Type of fishing: Jetty Fishing
Expect to find: Black Bream, Flathead, Mulloway, Yellowtail Grunter
Best time to go: Around Noon

bird eye view two rocks

8. Two Rocks

Two Rocks has several beach and reef fishing spots. All of which is home to many schools of fish. There are beaches north of the marina that you can take advantage of the gutters and small reefs but you’ll need 4WD to access it.

Type of fishing: Beach fishing
Expect to find: Tailor, Mulloway, Skippy, Herring, Pink Snapper
Best time to go: Early Morning and Night

family fishing on hillarys boat harbour

9. Hillarys Boat Harbour

Another popular fishing location is Hillarys Boat Harbour. There are rocks around the harbour and around the groynes which allow for an easy day of fishing for the whole family.

Type of fishing: Rock Fishing
Expect to find: skippy, bream, tailor and King George whiting
Best time to go: Early Morning and Night
Rules: Fishing from the boardwalks and jetties in the boat harbour is prohibited

e shed markets fremantle wharf

10. E-Shed Markets, Fremantle Wharf

The Fremantle Wharf behind the E Shed markets is worth trying. The warmer waters in the harbour and river entrance are ideal for casting your line. The wharf here is also perfect for kids to have fun too.

Type of fishing: Wharf Fishing
Expect to find: Tailor, Bream, Skippy and Herring
Best time to go: Early Morning and Around Noon

woodman point munster stone jetty

11. Woodman Point, Munster

Woodman Point has an amazing groyne and jetty. Both are popular fishing spots for their abundance of fish species. The Jetty is also popular for kids fishing.

Type of fishing: Jetty Fishing
Expect to find: Herring, Tailor, Salmon, Snapper, Garfish, Skippy, Whiting, Flathead and Squid
Best time to go: Early morning

mangles bay rockingham jetty

12. Mangles Bay, Rockingham

Mangles Bay in Rockingham offers anglers the choice of Beach, Jetty and Rock fishing. Fish can be found taking shelter around the rocks and the jetty.

Type of fishing:  Beach, Jetty and Rock fishing
Expect to find: Mulloway, Pink snapper, Tailor, Silver Trevally, King George and Yellowfin Whiting
Best time to go: Early Morning

claremont jetty

13. Claremont Jetty, Claremont

Another popular river fishing spot is the Claremont Jetty, it’s perfect for kids and anglers alike. The jetty is quite long and wide with plenty of room to throw in a line.

Type of fishing: Jetty Fishing
Expect to find: Black Bream, Tailor, Flounder, Silver Bream, Cobbler, Mulloway
Best time to go: Early Morning

fishermen fishing on yanchep lagoon

14. Yanchep Lagoon

Yanchep Lagoon is arguably one of the most productive shore fishing spots. you’ll need to a short walk from the beach. but once you do you’ll find an abundance of fish.

Type of fishing: Beach Fishing
Expect to find: Tailor, Herring, Whiting
Best time to go: Early Morning

Common Types of Fish in Perth

Western Australia’s large coastline and many rivers offer fishing lovers plenty of variety of fish to reel in. Plus with an endless variety of fishing spots, each of which having a large variety of fish to catch.

Some of the well-known catches here in Perth include:

  • Barramundi
  • Australian Salmon
  • Baldchin Groper
  • Bream
  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Black Bream
  • Flathead
  • Giant Herring
  • Jewfish/ Mulloway
  • King George Whiting
  • Dhufish

Fishing Licences in WA

Before you cast your line in one of Western Australia’s many fishing spots, you are required to obtain a recreational fishing licence.

If you are an Aboriginal person, you are not required to hold a recreational fishing licence in Western Australia. This applies if you are taking fish from any waters in accordance with continuing Aboriginal tradition, fish caught are for personal use and not for a commercial purpose.

Within Western Australia you will need a recreational fishing licence for these types of fishing, fee breakdown is shown below:

  • Recreational Fishing from Boat $40.00
  • Rock Lobster $50.00
  • Abalone $50.00
  • Marron $50.00
  • Freshwater Angling $50.00
  • Net Fishing (set, haul, throw) $50.00

How Man Of Many Chose The Best Fishing Spots In Sydney

With an editorial team full of anglers, Man Of Many has had the unique opportunity to directly sample and experience fishing from the best spots in Perth. It is also based on our own personal experience, in-depth research and customer reviews of fishing in Perth. As expert journalists who guide people between competing products and services, we have provided our independent opinion in formulating Man of Many’s selections. Our editors have taken into account, location, fish diversity and fishing conditions, while also making a concerted effort to highlight a few spots outside of the CBD. You can review our editorial policy here surrounding how we maintain our independence in our editorial reviews.

General FAQs

Where is the best place to fish in Perth?

Our list is filled with some cool places to fish, but the best would have to be Trigg Beach, Cottesloe Rock Groyne and West End Rottnest Island.

Do you need a fishing licence to fish in WA?

Yes, you are required to obtain a recreational fishing licence to fish in WA and it's many fishing spots.