EvaSolo Fireglobe Outdoor Fireplace

If you live in an urban setting, finding a place to enjoy a fire can be difficult—without getting arrested at any rate. The EvaSolo Fireglobe Outdoor Fireplace lets you scratch that fire itch and hopefully avoid a fine.

The design seems simple, but it serves multiple purposes. Just as the name suggests, the Fireglobe is a globe—or more precisely, half of a globe. Set at an angle, the globe allows you to load in multiple logs, while the sides not only help to block the wind and smoke, but also reflect back the heat from the fire.

eve solo fireglobe fireplace

A ventilated bottom allows for better airflow so that the fire will stay alive and strong. It also comes with an optional grille for cooking over an open fire. Meant for a well-ventilated space, the Fireglobe sits on three legs and is the perfect size for tight spots. It shouldn’t be used over wood flooring or flammable surfaces.

outdoor fireplace

The Fireglobe is made of enamelled steel and powder-coated aluminium. It measures 29.5 inches high by 25.2 inches wide. The Fireglobe only weighs 24 pounds and comes with a handle for easy transport. You can pick one up for USD$399 and start enjoying the relaxing beauty of a roaring fire wherever you are.

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