FORM Improves Your Stroke with AR Swim Goggles

Smart displays are popping up everywhere, and now they’re available in the pool. FORM’s AR swim goggles display different metrics while you’re taking your laps—metrics including split times, distance, interval time, rest time, total time, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke, pace per 100, pacer per 50, length count, and calories burned.

form ar swim goggles side view

You might be asking why you would need a smart display in your goggles. That’s a good question, but it’s also a question that identifies you as someone who has never tried to use a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor while swimming. The difficulty in traditional trackers is that they are on your wrist, which, as a part of your arm, is pretty occupied during swimming. In order to see the display you have to stop swimming, and even then you’re only seeing your heart rate and possibly your calories burned. FORM’s goggles display real-time metrics in your field of vision as you’re swimming. You can use the Bluetooth connected FORM app to customize your display so that you can see any two metrics at a given time. Additionally, you can program the goggles to show different metrics while swimming, resting, and turning. You can also set the metrics to only show up while you are resting or when turning. You can further define the display to show up on only one eye. Finally, you can also connect the FORM app with your Strava, Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, and other fitness apps.

form ar swim goggles accessories and box

The display is created by an onboard, miniature computer that sits on the right side of the goggles. Using artificial intelligence, it captures 12 swimming metrics and then displays them in the goggles lens. The battery for the display and computer has a 16-hour swim time. The lens is also completely see through and is outdoor readable. The lenses are coated in a permanent, chemical-resistant anti-fog treatment. The goggles come with five nose bridges sizes to adjust to your preferred fit. The contoured eye seals are made from FDA-certified silicone and create a seal around your eye to keep the water out that is water proof up to 32 feet. You can pick up a pair of the goggles from FORM for $199.

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form ar swim goggles box

form ar swim goggles has miniature computer