Gerber Adds the Quadrant to their Retro Folding Blades

Gerber has been putting together every day carries that not only meet the function you require, but also provide a handsome look. The Quadrant is their latest addition, and it definitely fills the description of “a fashion statement with a function.”

Unlike many knives that come down to a point, the Quadrant keeps a squared off look—no stabbing here, just slicing. The shape of the blade is actually considered a “sheepsfoot” blade. The name is pretty descriptive of what the blades were originally used for. Sheepsfoot blades were originally used to trim the hooves of sheep.

Typically the blade is thicker than a regular knife. Given that original use, sheepsfoot blades are great for carving. They’re also safer, thanks to the absence of a sharp point. Many rescue workers carry a sheepsfoot blade for emergency situations, such as needing to cut an article of clothing or even a safety belt.

gerber goes retro folding blades

The look of the Quadrant is a decidedly modern one, and the choice of either a white G-10 composite or a bamboo for the handle cements that look with a beautiful contrast between the handle and the black metal. There’s an elegant quality to the design, which helps reduce the perceived threat. It’s a knife that says more ‘tool’ than ‘weapon’. The blade for the knife opens with a simple, slick finger flip. A sturdy frame lock holds the blade in place.

As for size, the Quadrant fits nicely into your hand. Measuring 2.7 inches, the blade is made of 7Cr17Mov Blade Steel. The Quadrant also comes with a pocket clip for everyday carry. A nice feature of the clip is that it is “deep carry,” meaning that even when clipped to your pocket, the blade is fully hidden in your pocket.

All in all, the Quadrant is an excellent addition to any collection, and a very utilitarian addition to your everyday.

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