Gunny 7-Inch Straight Fixed Blade Knife

gunny 7 inch straight fixed blade knife case

In the lives of most men there are moments in which the inner Bear Gryllis is brought out and then we just plunge into the wilderness, light a fire, catch a fish, climb a tree, or simply spend the night in a tent deep in the woods. For the moments like these, a durable high quality knife is simply a must, such as the SOG Gunny 7-Inch Straight Fixed Blade Knife. Designed by R. Lee Ermey aka “The Gunny” widely known as the “Full Metal Jacket’s” Sergeant Hartman, the new SOG knife features a straight edge 7-inch VG-10 steel blade and a Cocobolo hardwood handle with stingray skin inlay and a commemorative Gunny coin replica. Well, perhaps the only challenge is to come up with a girl’s name for your knife, right? Although perhaps I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with it after all. It’s priced at $414.

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