Outdoor Hiking Gear – What Do You Really Need as a Beginner?

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There are many backpack essentials that people recommend for a hiking trip, but with so many items, your bag tends to get a little heavy. Packing important items is a good habit – things can get frustrating and confusing when you don’t have the required space and can’t decide what items to leave behind.

Here is a sample gear list that will help you understand EXACTLY what you need to carry for your outdoor trip:

compass and map

Compass and Map

You will miss a few directions, even when you frequently visit your hiking trail. To remain prepared you should have a topographic map along with a compass, to help you find your way in case of emergencies. Having high-tech GPS receivers will not be much of a use in areas where you cannot recharge the batteries, and old-school navigation system is the best way to make your hiking trip safe. Compass can also prove as a life-saving device when the technology-enriched GPS navigation fails due to loss of signal.

compass and map saving device

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Tip: You can also buy a compass that is equipped with a sighting mirror, to signal rescue helicopter if you had an accident and need emergency help.

Insulated Jacket

Whether it is a day hike or a night one, carrying additional clothing and insulation is clever. During hikes, the temperature can drop drastically during the night and there is a chance that you might get stuck outside during late hours, even on a day hike. Carrying an insulated jacket is important to tackle any drop in temperatures at anytime of the day.

insulated jacket

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Tip: If you’re planning to stay overnight, you should bring an insulated and waterproof sleeping bag with you. It’s extra weight, but it’s a must for good night sleep.

first aid box

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First-Aid Box

During emergencies or occasional cuts, a good first-aid kit can mean the difference between life and death. Your kit should include adhesive bandages, gauze pads, adhesive tape, pain killers, disinfecting ointment, and treatment for blisters. Depending upon the length of your trip, you should increase or decrease the number of each supply.

Tip: The easiest first-aid kit is the one that you can buy at a store, which are pre-assembled and designed for outdoor adventures. You can also order them online.

tool kit

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Tool Kit

On an overnight hike, chances are you will want to cook food or keep warm with fire. To collect important gear for food preparation, you will need wood and to matchsticks to light the fire. Whether you’re on a day hike or a night one, carrying a simple tool kit that contains waterproof matches or mechanical lighter, candles, knife, foldout blade, and duct tape (to repair mattress or other items) is essential.

nutrition and hydration

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Tip: You can wrap duct tapes around your water bottle, to save space in your backpack and toolkit.

Nutrition and Hydration

Whether you want to hunt for your dinner or playing to enjoy roasted marshmallows all night long, carrying additional food and water is important to avoid serious health issues like dehydration. You can carry one set of a compact freeze-dried meal and energy bars, to keep your body warm during the night and keep your dinner ready in case you don’t find and/or catch any food. In this set, you can also keep a collapsible water reservoir (special water purifiers are available for hiking), to collect and drink water on the go!

having to carry additional water bottles

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Tip: You can occasionally consult your map and try to identify water sources, to keep yourself hydrated without having to carry additional water bottles that take up most of the space in a backpack.

Hiking is one of the favorite adventure activities for many outdoor buffs. To make such experiences secured and enjoyable, you will need certain essential that can fit easily in your backpack. Carrying additional weight will only mean more stress on you and your body, and to reduce your worries, this list will be a perfect lightweight collection for your next trip.

Happy Hiking!

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