Pillbox Shark Bats Have Teeth!

Heritage baseball brand Pillbox painted the Shark Bat or “Shark Bomber” to honour the nose art on the vintage warplanes that flew countless missions keeping America safe.

Constructed of solid ash, the Shark Bomber measures 34 inches long and is emblazoned with the Pillbox Bat Co. mark just above the grip. Also available is the cute, more cost-effective Baby Shark. It measures 17 inches. Hang one on the wall or lather up the pine tar and put ‘er to use in a pickup game with the friends and a few brews. Each Pillbox baseball bat is crafted and painted in Winona, Minnesota.

pillbox baby shark baseball bat

The Baby Shark bat is priced from USD $80 while the full-size Bomber is priced from $220. Each Shark Bat is made to order.

Check it out

pillbox shark bomber baseball bat pillbox shark bomber baseball bat close up baby shark baseball bat

pillbox shark bomber handle base

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