Pop Up Fire Pit Brings Flames to You

Enjoying an open fire has been a part of human history from the first time mankind set eyes on the orange and yellow flames. But modern urban settings frown on having a fire outside of designated areas. Camping seems to be the only time fires are allowed, but heading to the great outdoors isn’t always an option.

fire pit

Fireside Outdoor has an innovative way to meet that instinctive desire for fire. The Pop-Up Pit is a lightweight, portable fire pit that you can set up just about anywhere. The pit is ideal for RVs, cabins, tents, or tailgating, and is an easy addition to your trip to the beach or the backyard.

Made of an aluminium alloy and stainless steel, the pit is naturally rust free and is extremely light—weighing only eight pounds. The materials also allow the Pop-Up Pit to cool quickly, in just 90 seconds, so you won’t have to stand around waiting for hours while the pit cools. You’ll just pack it up and off you go.

Fire Pit Brings Flames

The design of the pit is also innovative. Because it maximizes airflow to the fire, there will be less smoke and the fire will be brighter. The pit also folds up and can be carried in a carrying case that is smaller than a standard camping chair. Despite its size, the pit can hold up to 125 pounds, meaning you’ll have a fire big enough for everyone to stay warm and to be able to cook off of.

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