The Sharpiest and Sexist Tool in the Shed – The Chapter: The Swell Edition

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Nesmuk Janus Folding Knife, and we deemed it as the most stylish knife. It is made for designers, architects and adventure seekers that look for an aesthetically pleasing product that is equally functional. We might have to take that winning mantle off Nesmuk and give it to the guys at The James Theory.

swell edition knife side

They collaborated with Discommon, an accessories designer, and created a limited edition of their keystone knife. When you bring two design heads together, you’ll create a masterpiece, and this is clearly evident here. The overall shape of the knife provides users with an ergonomic fit and exceptional grip. The silver and titanium finish rubber stamps its title as the sexist knife in the market. Owning of these bad boys will ensure you are “discommon” from everyone in the knife game. This goes for around $500, which means your pockets would be quite light after spending on this. The lightness of your pockets area can be replaced with a new knife.

sleek pocket knife

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