Svord Carcass Splitter Cleaver Looks Menacing

Sometimes looks and names match up, as in the case of the Svord Carcass Splitter Cleaver. Looking at the knife, you can imagine it being the titular weapon in a slasher movie. It looks threatening and sinister. The cleaver measures 28.75 inches in overall length, with an 11-inch blade—that’s enough length left over for solid two-handed grip on the cleaver.

Made of 7mm thick 8670-grade high carbon steel, it has a bit of a weathered look, except on the edge, which is honed razor sharp. At the end of the handle, a hook finishes off the horror movie look.

But don’t let the looks scare you away. This is one of the highest quality blades you’ll ever find. It was handmade by Master Cutler Bryan Baker in Aiuku, New Zealand. The blade features a hand applied differential temper—the cutting edge was done to 58 Rockwell C, while the spine and handle were done to 45-48 Rockwell C.

A Micarta handle done in a black matte finish is riveted to the handle using quarter-inch solid copper pins that were hand peened. The blade also comes with a vegetable tanned, hand-stitched Italian leather scabbard. And the looks? They weren’t inspired by slasher films; rather, the design is one used by traditional village butchers to cut hanging carcasses in half.

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