TAXA Offers an Offroad Caravan to Get You Back to Nature

TAXA, a manufacturer of campers, has the mission of reintroducing mankind to nature. Explaining that having a camper with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a microwave oven defeats the purpose of camping by keeping us inside the camper, TAXA wants us to “integrate, engage, and interact with the natural world and one another.”

TAXA Offroad cricket rendering outdoor caravan

TAXA creates “mobile human habitats purposefully designed to inspire the journey towards and into nature.” These habitats are the result of the company’s Founder and CEO’s time working as the senior architect for the Habitability Design Center at NASA. “After a decade of working on the International Space Station and consulting on lunar habitats for NASA,” explains Finney, “I designed Cricket, our first camper, and TAXA was born.”

Finney’s vision of creating “habitats that remind us we are part of nature, not apart from it” has resulted in the company creating several mobile habitats—a veritable caravan—that meets your needs “in a safe ‘don’t become a bear snack’ kind of way.”

TAXA Offroad Caravan wooly bear

TAXA started the process of building their different campers by first putting together full-size cardboard versions to test out and then improve the designs. From there, they use proven, durable materials—the kind of materials that would be used by NASA. Each camper is designed to serve multiple purposes, and can be adapted to just about any demands placed on them. The campers are all built in the company’s hometown of Houston, Texas.

TAXA Offroad Caravan side view

TAXA offers four models. The Mantis, which provides plenty of room for a family to go adventuring; the Cricket, for the single adventurer or couple who still want a bit of comfort; the Tiger Moth, for the solo adventurer; and the Woolly Bear, a pull behind cargo trailer with a rooftop tent. TAXA offers an online process that walks you through the steps to choose which model best meets your needs.

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TAXA Offroad cricket rendering outdoor caravan

TAXA Offroad mantis outdoor caravan