The Column Climber is for the Urban Lumberjack

You’ve seen those vintage photos of lumberjacks scrambling up trees using climbing spikes or tree spurs. That’s all well and good out in the woods, but when you’re building a steel skyscraper, you’ve got little options for climbing. Column Climber has rectified that oversight, giving urban construction workers a way to tame the steel jungle.

climbing spikes yellow

Column Climbers are essentially a 514 steel alloy plank measuring between 7/8 to 1-7/8 inches thick. The plank—or flange—has a cut out on the inside of the foot just beyond the toe that slides around the edges of a steel I-beam. That cut out grips the beam like a vice when you put pressure on it, allowing you to “stand” on the side of the beam, and can support over 700 pounds per foot.

Column Climber allows workers to climb up, climb down, reposition, and work hands-free, maximizing productivity, all while staying perfectly safe. The climbers are classified as both an access device and as a work platform. As such, they can eliminate the need for aerial man lifts and ladders. They also combine with any fall prevention gear, but Column Climber offers their own line of gear that you can purchase. Column Climber works in mud, dirt, grease, icy, water, and even on asphaltic coatings.

back view column climber

Cleared by OSHA, Column Climber is soon to be the steel worker’s new best friend.

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column climber sole

sole view column climber side

strap steel slippers

column climber use by man