The Stay Safe Carabiner Protects You from COVID-19

Stop the spread of COVID-19, stay at home and stay safe. That’s what the experts are telling us. To assist in this process, a group of designers in Slovenia have come up with the Stay Safe Carabiner, designed to allow users to go about their daily tasks without the risk of contamination or infection.

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Capable of completing many different tasks, the Stay Safe Carabiner can be used as a door opener, stylus, box opener, hex driver and of course, a carabiner. Constructed out of 99% copper, a naturally antimicrobial material, with recent studies in the New England Journal of Medicine revealing its effectiveness in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The study showed that after four hours, the virus was no longer infectious on copper’s surfaces.

It goes to show that a little bit ingenuity and science can turn a humble device into something so much more. Built using a water-jet machine, the Stay Safe Carabiner is manually finished by hand. Measuring in at about 3-inches tall and 1.4 inches wide, the carabiner will fit comfortably in the hand or attached to your belt with the stainless steel clip.

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For just US$24 you can grab your Stay Safe Carabiner to keep your hands and fingers away from nasty germs. Though if you’re feeling generous, the discounts keep on coming if you buy in bulk. With US$40 off the final price should you decide to purchase five at once.

With just 8 days to go in this Kickstarter, and already 399 backers raising nearly US$20,000, from an original goal of only US$494, the Stay Safe Carabiner won’t be available forever, so hurry in now while you still can and secure your next bit of EDC kit.

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