UCO Tent StakeLights Mean You’ll Never Trip Over Your Tent

Camping is one of the easiest and best weekend trips that you can take. Escaping into nature is a great way to get away from the chores of everyday life. Camping outdoors at night is something that everyone should experience. In fact, the more nights that you can spend sleeping under a canopy of stars and stare at a campfire, the better.

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While camping at night can be mysterious and magical, it can be hard to navigate. If you live in the city, you will find that you are not used to the darkness that comes with camping. In fact, it can be quite disorientating. It is no fun tripping over a guy line in the middle of the night when trying to make your way to the loo. Fortunately, UCO makes these Tent Stakelights that can provide up to 17 lumens of light for ten hours. These durable, water-resistant LED stake lights keep your tent stable—and light up your campsite too.

uco tent stake lights features

The UCO Tent StakeLights even feature a handy emergency strobe light for those times when you hear a noise in the dark and want to go out to explore. The strobe light can also be used to help you find your tent when you wander a little too far away from the campsite. They can function for up to 24 hours as a strobe light. These stake lights also feature an easy on and off switch that glows in the dark. There is even an RGB version that allows you to change between blue, red and green lighting.

uco tent stake lights night

The UCO Tent StakeLights are useful items to have in any camping arsenal. They are simple, yet very practical.

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