Watch Eiki Helgason Snowboarding Around Icelandic Waterfalls

Iceland is known for its breathtaking scenery. The remote island has some of the most stunning waterfalls, powerful volcanoes and impressive natural hot springs in the world. Iceland native Eiki Helgason reminds the world just how beautiful and striking the landscape of this spectacular island is—while showing off his impressive snowboarding skills.

Eiki Helgason, along with his brother Halldor, put Iceland on the map for snowboarding. Eiki is the island nation’s first professional snowboarder. He is known for his signature style, which has helped him become one of the most creative freestyle riders in the world. Eiki has been on the cover of four different magazines and won numerous accolades for his snowboarding skills. Together with his brother, Halldor, Eiki owns various snowboarding-related ventures including Lobster Snowboards, Hoppipolla Headwear and Switchback Bindings.

Ísland Born, a project created by Eiki Helgason and released in 2016, consists of a documentary, video, website and a magazine. This project highlights Iceland’s stunning scenery. It also explains how an Icelandic farm boy became one of the best freestyle snowboarders in the world. Eiki rides around the island and tackles spots that have never been ridden before. This documentary shows why Helgason is one of the most formidable snowboarders anywhere.

Helgason released a video on YouTube that shows all of the breathtaking waterfall shots that were used in the documentary. This video showcases just how stunning the scenery of Iceland is. It is also quite fascinating to watch Helgason snowboarding around the spectacular Icelandic waterfalls and to see the contrast between the snow and water.

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