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Triton 660 AVA Submarine Lets You Host a Dinner-Party Underwater

If you’re investing in an explorer yacht, then it only makes sense to ensure that it is equipped with exploring gear. Certainly, that includes tenders to get you on and off the ship, and perhaps even a helicopter—along with a few other toys—to increase your exploratory opportunities. While you’re at it, why not also invest in something that will let you explore nearly 71 per cent of the earth? The vast majority of our planet is covered in water, and having a yacht that gives you access to those areas is just the start of discovery. You also need to head under the water to really become an explorer. Florida-based submarine maker Triton has a new approach to the submersible market that give you and your fellow explorers a literal front-row seat to the underwater world. The new 660 AVA Submarine not only increases your view, but also eliminates that sardine can feeling.

Triton 660 ava submarine bar

Image: Triton

The Triton 660 AVA Submarine is designed to offer three times more space than a typical two-seater sub. This added space is made possible by the “free-form” acrylic hull that frees Triton of having to use the classic twin-hull design. The AVA design allows for a nearly 360-degree wrap-around view. It also allows for more passengers on board—up to eight guests plus the pilot.

Passengers will be able to share the underwater experience in comfort, with plenty of head and legroom, as well as a layout that is perhaps best comparable to a home theatre, with swivel, cushioned chairs and stadium seating. The AVA submarine has a 200-meter depth rating and can go for up to 12 hours. Integrated lighting accompanies a surround-sound audio system. And the craft even features air conditioning.

Triton 660 ava submarine casino

Image: Triton

Triton is offering the 660 AVA in two sizes. The larger submarine has room for eight passengers (plus the pilot), and the smaller for six passengers (plus the pilot). But you don’t have to let passenger number decide what you want. Because the AVA employs modular seating, you can rearrange the interior, replacing those seats with everything from a cocktail bar to card tables. If you’re heading out to explore the earth, make sure you have access to over 70 percent of it, and explore it in style with your friends by getting the Triton 660 AVA Submarine.

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