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Bugatti veyron vitesse feature 1

Bodyguard Crashes Cristiano Ronaldo’s $3 Million Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

Thankfully – or maybe, unfortunately (depending on insurance) – we’re pleased to hear that Cristiano Ronaldo was not behind the wheel when it’s alleged his bodyguard crashed the uber-rare and uber-expensive Bugatti Veyron Vitesse into a wall in Majorca. It’s a painful sight for car lovers everywhere to see such a rare and sought-after automobile in such a state, and although money is clearly not a problem to the $115 Million footballer, no amount of money can replace such a rare vehicle that could be a 1-of-3.

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By the numbers, the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is an absolute home run of a vehicle so buckle up.

Engine Size7993 cc
Top Speed254 mph
0-62mph2.6 sec
Power1184 bhp

A total of just 450 Bugatti Veyron’s were produced, 300 were coupes and 150 were Grand Sports. The only way to get your hands on a Vitesse was to buy a ‘Grand Sport’ trimmed vehicle, of which just 92 examples were produced as a Vitesse worldwide. At the time of production, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was the fastest production convertible in history with a top speed of 254 MPH, a record that has now been broken by the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder (265.6 MPH) and Koenigsegg Agera RS (278 MPH).

In the case of Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal Grand Sport Vitesse, when you consider the entire exterior of the vehicle is made from carbon fibre, it’s going to be an extremely expensive repair job. The Vitesse features a range of bespoke exterior redesigns over the original vehicle so it’s far from a matter of finding another wrecked Bugatti Veyron and grafting pieces across.

At the front left of the car (where the crash occurred), larger vents than standard were added. If we assume the side of the vehicle also made an impact with the wall, larger air vents were fitted to the side of the Vitesse model to help cool the upgraded turbochargers.

It’s unclear whether or not the VIN number on Ronaldo’s personal model shares that with one of the three examples first exhibited at the Geneva Motorshow in 2013, however, the car appears very similar to this 2013 model sold on Romans International (images below). Coincidence? Possibly not.

Check it out

Bugatti veyron vitesse geneva motorshow exclusive
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse front end
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse rear end
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse front end close
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse rear quarter
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse top down
Image: Romans International
Steering wheel 1
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse seats
Image: Romans International
Image: Romans International
Bugatti veyron vitesse gear selector 1
Image: Romans International
Vitesse logo
Image: Romans International
Image: Romans International

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