Ferrari’s 1961 250 GTE Notable for its Elegance and Speed

In the 1950s, Ferrari had been really making a name for itself, making a popular series of car called the 250 in their product line. These road gripping racers were designed for those with speed and elegance in their taste for cars. The Paris Show was used to introduce its 1960 250GTE coupe, a legendary car by now. It was inspired by earlier 250GT coupe models and a Pininfarina design was implemented for the car.

ferrari 1961 250 gte front view

The car features a Colombo 3.0-liter V-12 and 102-inch wheelbase. The design was initially questioned because the roof shape was not usual by any means nor was its slab sides. This complaint also came up years later with the 308GT4 and Mondial 8. Why seating for four? This was a common question and complaint, but now we can appreciate the elegance of the design.

side view ferrari 250 gte

This car will give you a real appreciation for the Ferrari brand and what was done to expand its reach, its racing activity funding and its legacy in the auto world for collectors and enthusiasts.

Check it out

steering wheel and chair view ferrari 250

back view ferrari 250 gte

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