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Kahn Auto Combines Old and New in Land Rover Defender

Kahn Automobiles has come up with a way to satisfy the desire for the old school look of the Land Rover Defender and the need for modern performance. That window was opened for Kahn when production of the British SUV ceased in 2016. The new version of the Land Rover is here, but while it has all the modern touches, it doesn’t have the same iconic look that so enamored Defender fans in the beginning. “The Defender is probably the most iconic and well-loved British vehicle in existence,” states a press release from Kahn Automotive. “With the series Homage II edition, I set out to create something fashionable, iconic, and revolutionary which carries on the spirit of the Defender.”

Land Rover Defender front

Afzal Kahn designed the Flying Huntsman to take the looks of the original 1960s Land Rover and combine it with the engineering of the Defender 90. That design starts with an elongated hood, which means that the wheel-base is also longer (eight inches longer). The design has the Defender sitting on 16-inch, satin-black Heritage wheels with Cooper STT off-road tires. Boxy fender flares help to accentuate these bigger tires and wheels. Under the longer hood sits a turbo-diesel, 2.2-liter inline-four engine—a setup that should be familiar to Defender fans. It’s the same as that found in a 2015 Defender 90. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. On the inside, Kahn added flack quilted leather and billet steel on the steering wheel, gear shift, transfer case, and pedals.

Land Rover Defender back

The longer nose of the Defender makes it seem a little front heavy, especially with an uncovered truck bed. The look is undeniably Land Rover Defender, and the black finish gives it that no-nonsense look—something the modern touches back up. The Flying Huntsman is available at a retail value of £75,000.

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Land Rover Defender steering wheel

Land Rover Defender upholstery car seat

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Land Rover Defender wheel

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Land Rover Defender top view

Land Rover Defender

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