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Lucid motors gravity from the back with bike rack

Lucid Motors Gravity is a Tesla Model X Rival with a Zen-like Persona

Lucid is finally dipping its toes into the lucrative world of SUVs and the all-electric Gravity is their entry ticket to global markets. Although the American start-up company is still waiting for the economies of scale to turn the Air into a profitable vehicle (we can’t glance over the fact they’re losing US$225,000 on every car they sell), the Gravity is the crucial next step to greater volumes and increasing its foothold. We’re talking about a large luxury EV that’s not merely an Air sedan on stilts, but a bespoke vehicle and platform building on the learnings gained from the Air.

Aside from the sleek styling and minimalist detailing, the Lucid Motors Gravity is more of a luxury family SUV rather than a proper off-roader with a focus on space. The wheelbase is long, with three rows of seating suitable for adults with actual legs and an interior design that mixes the usual screen fest with a handful of practical pieces. For example, there’s no yoke steering wheel but a proper steering wheel with touch pads.

Of course, a massive 34-inch OLED display takes up all the attention while there is a small set of controls placed at the top of the screen plus on the instrument cluster. Below that lies another screen which can be turned off in the ‘Detox mode’.

Interior with person
2025 Lucid Motors Gravity | Image: Supplied

Strangely, the Gravity will help you mediate via special sessions while charging and the whole car transforms into a zen-like ambience with ‘Lucid Spaces’ where the screens, massaging and sounds replicate the soothing atmosphere of locations like Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree.

If all of this means that the Gravity will only be a calming luxury express, then you would be wrong as just like its Air sibling, it packs in a seriously quick powertrain with a power-dense dual motor layout and a 900V electrical architecture. Hence, expect this tall three-row SUV to sprint to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. However, its 700km plus range estimate is the more sensible number that will have more appeal.

All-wheel steering and air suspension are some of the other highlights while it would be able to raise its suspension to do some mild off-roading as said earlier, this is not a mud plugger. If all of this sounds tempting then the sub-US$80,000 pricing also is decent value but right-hand drive markets like Australia will have to wait for a long time as currently Lucid is busy grappling with deliveries and keeping up with its ambitious plans across the US and Europe first.

Front trunk seating spcae 1
2025 Lucid Motors Gravity | Image: Supplied
Lucid motors gravity front end on road
2025 Lucid Motors Gravity | Image: Supplied

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