The Ferrari F8 Tributo Makes its Australian Debut

With its curvaceous styling, supreme handling, and legendary engine, the Ferrari F8 Tributo represents a pinnacle of modern automaking and one of the brand’s most celebrated two-seater berlinettas. And starting in early 2020, high-earning Aussies will be getting in on the action. To anticipate its arrival on native soil, the Ferrari F8 Tributo made a grand debut at White Bay Cruise Terminal in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. Rolling out to beaming lights and a rapturous crowd, the Italian coupé delivered the first of many stunning impressions to come.

True to its name, the F8 Tributo pays homage to the most powerful turbo-charged 8-cylinder engine in Ferrari history (excluding special series models), which resides under the hood and raises the bar on power and performance alike. That makes it one of the best road-legal V8s in the whole world, since this is Ferrari, after all. Previously featured on other models in the F8 range, it delivers seamless acceleration, brilliant handling, and a soundtrack you could listen to on headphones.

Pair that award-winning V8 with the Tributo’s striking design language and you have yourself a masterpiece of aerodynamics, power, and control. In fact, Ferrari is touting the F8 Tributo as the “most aerodynamically efficient series-production mid-rear-engined berlinetta ever designed.”

Naturally, the F8 Tributo’s premiere in Sydney was a spectacle of style, as nothing less would suffice. While guests indulged on choice booze and delicious cuisine, they took in a sea of sleek red Ferraris. It all built up to the grand unveiling of the F8 Tributo, which didn’t disappoint. For those who shelled out AU$484,888.00 (and up) for this curvy bad boy, expect your car to arrive early next year.

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