The Ferrari of Bicycles is Specialized’s S-Works Venge

Specialized’s S-Works Venge isn’t just another in a lineup of fast bikes. With the new Venge, Specialized pulled out their science and engineering caps and innovated a newer, faster bike. What they ended up with is a bike that’s not only eight seconds faster than their ViAS over 40Km at zero degrees of yaw, but also 460 grams lighter.

specialized’s s works venge bike design

The task of creating a faster bike started with finding the perfect tube shape. Using an optimization algorithm that was put into a supercomputer, Specialized’s engineers put a collection of tube shapes to the test. Using their FreeFoil Shape Library, a new technology Specialized developed just for this project, Specialized was able to plug in different shapes with different aspect rations into different parts of the bike in order to test configurations of airfoil shapes with different weights, surface areas, and structural targets. If all this sounds complicated, just wait, there’s more. The team also recognized that there are plenty of other contributing factors to making a bike faster. They also looked at the balance of weight and aerodynamics, and how they play into a bike’s performance. Lightweight doesn’t mean that structural integrity was sacrificed. The S-Works Venge has a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio. The bike’s geometry was also updated to provide a more responsive front-end with a shorter wheelbase, providing better response and optimal power transfer.

specialized’s s works venge bike front view

These science-based updates only touch the list of updates. There’s plenty to see, if you don’t miss it when it blows past.

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