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2022 Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 is a 373cc Urban Explorer

Husqvarna is known for making no-nonsense, durable, reliable machines, and the brand’s motorcycles are no exception. But while the new 2022 Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 lives up to that reputation, it also comes with an attractive yet rugged design that is ready for urban and less civilized terrain.

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Image: Husqvarna

“The Svartpilen 401 makes no excuses about its rugged appeal,” says the company. “It is by definition a motorcycle at home on the fringes of a metropolitan playground, where the blacktop is less than perfect.” That capability of being at home wherever it is found starts with the trellis frame. Husqvarna used high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel for the hydro-formed tubes.

The frame is designed to flex, which, in conjunction with the WP suspension, makes the ride more comfortable. And should you choose to add on a pillion rider, the frame is already prepped with an extra 40mm of length.  Staked inside that frame is the 373cc single-cylinder engine that powers the Svartpilen 401. The engine offers 37Nm of torque, which is fed into a 6-speed gearbox.

2022 husqvarna svartpilen 401

Image: Husqvarna

Controlling the power is accomplished via the electric fuel injection, which is operated by a ride-by-wire system. All told, the Svartpilen offers 44 horsepower—enough power for novice and pro riders. Shifting is made even simpler by the easy shift sensor. Hydraulic ByBre brake calipers handle the stopping duties. The bike rides on 17-inch spoke wheels.

The ruggedness of the bike is epitomized in the narrow bodywork and Spartan protective parts. The bike is kept lightweight—which increases its power to weight ratio. The handlebars are off-road style, and the risers attach to forged aluminium triple clamps. The dark colours also add a menacing quality. This is a workhorse of a motorcycle and you can rely on, and be proud of riding regardless of what the terrain throws at you, be that smooth, paved streets, or challenging dusty roads.

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Image: Husqvarna

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