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Sunbeam ConceptONE aerial view

This Eco-Friendly Catamaran Concept Comes with In-Built Dual Electric Motorcycles

Life aboard a yacht is no doubt just as luxurious as you imagine it to be—and for good reason. Yachts have always been designed to be an escape from the world. They are meant to be a place where passengers are pampered and can experience the best the world has to offer, as long as you’re on the water. But even being aboard a yacht can grow old, and many of the experiences travellers want to have can only be had on land.

That’s why there is an increasing movement among yacht builders to make their vessels not only luxurious while onboard, but also able to afford incredible voyages once the port has been reached. One design that perhaps best illustrates this movement is the Sunbeam ConceptONE from Umea.

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Sunbeam ConceptONE motorcyle

Swedish designer Maximilian Troicher and Munich’s Anja Didrichsons combined their creative prowess for this concept. Using a catamaran design, the yacht dual-hulled, allowing for plenty of space for living quarters and toy hauling. Inside the hulls, you’ll find a full galley, a bathroom, a pair of bedrooms, and a home office. In addition to the living arrangements, the yacht comes with a pair of TESI-style electric concept bikes that feature hub center steering.

These bikes are stowed away in the aft of the two hulls. Hideaway loading plates make it easy to disembark with the bikes and then re-embark when your on-land adventure is over. The Sunbeam ConceptONE is imagined as a yacht with an electric vehicle propulsion system, and comes with solar panels that not only power the ship, but also keep the bikes charged and ready. Troicher and Didrichsons even rendered the bikes with a tractor-style rear paddlewheel and skies that you can use to ride the bike when on the water. The images are beautifully done, and help to create the mental image of what this yacht could really be. And with the current emphasis on combining water and land experiences, perhaps we’ll soon see this craft going into production.

Sunbeam ConceptONE steering wheel
Sunbeam ConceptONE back

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