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11 Best Australian Men's Shoe Brands | Man of Many
The Aussie men’s shoe brand needs no introduction. These iconic shoes are some of the best men’s boots in Australia. They have been made at 5 Percy St, Prospect in South Australia since before your parents were born, RM’s very own method of using one piece of leather, joined by a single seam at the back, has made this company an Australian icon. Absolutely worth the investment, a well-looked after pair of these Australian boots will last a lifetime.
1. RM Williams
All FEIT shoes are made from start to finish by one master craftsman that utilises only the highest quality materials. Feit has managed to tread the line between practical and stylish. Their use of premium, natural components such as bamboo, cork, buffalo and vegetable leather is an innovative and environmentally responsible way to make great Australian men’s shoes. Every pair produced by this top Aussie men’s shoe brand is also mighty comfortable to boot.
2. Feit Sydney
One of the best Australian sneaker brands, Von-röutte is a combination of different languages that together means ‘on route’. They believe that travel experiences and cultural exchanges can change the world. Not only do they produce some of the highest quality sneakers on the market but they care about a sustainable future: shoe care, ethical treatment, and timeless design.
3. Von-Röutte
Melbourne local Christian Kimber has literally scoured Europe to find the best manufacturers for his Australian men’s shoe designs, and he works closely in conjunction with them every step of the process, making this bespoke shoe brand one of the best to come out of Victoria, if not one of the best in Australian footwear as a whole – from men’s leather loafers to sneakers, a pair of Kimbers is a worthy investment.
4. Christian Kimber
Monochrome is a Sydney based shoe brand with a strong focus on minimalist sneakers that are made with the most premium materials they can source. This Australian shoe brand’s pieces will stand the test of time, both in design and construction. They take quality further than most, in fact, all of the brand’s shoes are handcrafted in Italy from premium Italian full-grain leather. The raw materials are sourced from within Italy and are made in the famous Le Marche region, known for its time-honoured traditions in shoemaking. If you’re looking to fly under the radar with style and comfort, you can’t go past Monochrome.
5. MONOCHROME` the Label
Some of the most sought-after cordwainers the Australian men’s shoe industry has to offer – the team at Wootten can make anything out of leather, but are best known for their bespoke footwear. These Australian made leather boots are stylish, comfy and made to last. This top Australian men’s shoe brand is proof that if you do one thing very, very well then people will gladly pay the extra to know that they’re getting the best.
6. Wootten
Another entry from Victoria, Armadale’s Bared Footwear is the brainchild of a podiatrist who wanted to close the gap between recommending great Australian footwear for her clients and them being able to find it. The team is super helpful and all of their men’s shoes are equal parts stylish and supportive. This is easily one of the best shoe brands in Australia.
7. Bared Footwear
“NOTA” stands for “None Of The Above”, a simple ethos for an Australian shoe company that decided to eschew the mass-produced, synthetic materials of its competitors and just focus on making interesting, original and high-quality footwear for men. Best of all, it’s a philosophy that’s worked, and people have jumped at the chance to rock this Aussie shoe brand, who delivers every style from casual sneaker to dressy loafer. Whether you’re looking for a pair of comfy out-and-about sneakers or you’re in need of some nice men’s formal shoes, NOTA has you covered.
Formerly known as Roberts & Hassett, Hassett Goods are at the most exclusive end of the bespoke shoe spectrum, and rightly so – they are seriously great leather goods. Their clever use of oak bark tanned leather soles, insoles and welts allow them to construct bespoke footwear using traditional shoemaking techniques, centuries old. These famous Australian shoes are all hand-welted with hand-spun linen threads, hand-stitched outsoles and stacked leather heels secured with birch pegs – sounds fancy.
Already heard of this top brand of Australian shoes? They’ve been around since 1933, so it’s not surprising. A pair of Julius Marlows have always been an easy choice for blokes who have to wear shoes with a suit all day long – especially if they’re on their feet or on the run, as they’re lightweight and comfortable. With more styles to choose from than you can poke a winkle-picker at and reasonable prices, there’s a reason this is among the most respected men’s Australian boot brands.
10. Julius Marlow
Aquila is one of the better-known shoe brands in Australia, and it all started in Melbourne in the ’50s, with one Italian who knew how to make shoes that were a cut above the rest. They now have over 40 stores across the country and are a favourite of many for their modern European styling and sturdy construction.
10. Aquila
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