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6 Best Bouldering and Rock Climbing Gyms in Brisbane | Man of Many

Out on the valley fringe, in the gritty surroundings of an old brick warehouse, you’ll find Rocksports, the first-ever indoor climbing gym in Brisbane. The building is made up of a series of nooks, and caves and within this huge complex, there are over 100 different climbs, to suit all ages and abilities. You’ll find a mixture of bouldering (no ropes remember!) and top-rope climbing (attached to a rope on higher walls) and with a single pass lasting all day, there is no time limit to your session so you can work (or play) as hard as you like. This is definitely one of the best rock climbing centres in Brisbane for exhilarating bouldering and rock climbing experiences and a great place to try out both and see which you prefer.

1. Rocksports

Urban Climb aims to be your home away from home. The focus here is on the community as well as fitness so the climbs have been developed to inspire movement but also to create connections with like-minded, energetic fitness folk. Adventure is very much the aim here and Urban Climb offers a full package including gym and fitness classes as well as those hard-hitting wall climbs. The sculptural bouldering formations are set to challenge even the hardiest climber, with no ropes or harnesses, it’s faster-paced than rock climbing as the walls offer much shorter problem-solving routes. Their classes are the most friendly around as they love to engage members of the Urban Climb community for a full-on action-packed adventure to help you achieve your goals together.

2. Urban Climb

Crank is probably the most varied indoor adventure gym in Brisbane, offering an ever-changing wall of climbs, so each time you visit you can face a brand new challenge. Crank also specialises in Ninja Warrior if you are keen to push your body to its limits or experience new types of thrill. There’s even pro’s who work out here, so it’s a great place to enhance your skills and pick up some tips from the professionals! The complex is perfect for large groups of varied abilities and interests, with a 22-meter bouldering wall, and varied parkour courses, as well as the 65 roped rock climbs, so its also a great space for parties or corporate gatherings.

3. Crank Indoor Climbing

Brisbane’s most iconic adventure location, Riverlife is based in the foothills of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. If outdoor pursuits are more your thing, this is the ultimate climbing experience, situated in the heart of Brisbane, with views overlooking the city and riverside. You can visit any time of day and at night they illuminate the naturally weathered walls for intense night climbs. There’s abseiling on offer too if you prefer to venture down rather than up! One thing is for sure, wherever you start or finish, at the top you will be rewarded with some of the most stunning panoramic views in Brisbane!

4. Riverlife

Beenleigh PCYC is fitness and fun for all the family! With 15 ropes on over 25 different routes, it really caters to all abilities, and safety for the little ones is their main priority! Children as young as 5 years old are able to climb here, or even younger if they fit the harness! So it’s a great place to start training your rock climbing stars of the future! You can climb for fun or challenge yourself on some of the more difficult climbs and for true adventure seekers, they also offer speed races. And for just $6 a pop, it’s a total bargain.

5. Beenleigh PCYC

Known best for its hundreds of trampolines, where you can literally bounce off the walls, Skyzone also offers an incredible climbing set up. There’s no need for a spotter, or someone holding your rope, as here the harnesses are fitted out with an auto brake system that allows visitors to climb solo. SkyClimb (next door to Skyzone) is Brisbane’s band new sky-high climbing challenge, offering 21 different wall challenges to test even the hardiest of climbers. There are some real fun and funky smaller walls for kids, with illuminated handgrips and different themes, so make sure to bring the youngsters too!

6. Skyzone

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