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11 best cases for iphone xs and xs max

11 Best Cases for iPhone XS & XS Max

They say the new XS and XS Max are Apple’s most durable iPhones to date, but that doesn’t mean you should leave things to chance. Instead, pick up one of the best iPhone XS or XS Max cases, thereby ensuring your device doesn’t break mere weeks after you spent a month’s rent to buy it. A number of these cases come from Apple, but you can also get some quality protection from brands like Tech 21 and Australia’s own Bellroy. Like so many premium products before them, the best XS and XS Max cases deliver the top shelf of security and elegance alike. In other words, you’re not just keeping your iPhone safe, you’re keeping it safe in style. Here are the 11 best cases for iPhone XS & XS Max.

apple silicone case

1. Apple Silicone Case

Don’t want to overthink the whole process? Then grab yourself a trusty Apple Silicone Case, and consider the hunt over. Available in a variety of striking colours, the case hosts microfiber lining on the inside and smooth silicone on the outside. In return, expect an ideal fit and an effortless grip. For those reasons and more, this is one of the best iPhone XS or XS Max cases you can buy.

Material: silicone
Colour options: Dragon Fruit, Delft Blue, Papaya, Spearmint, Nectarine, Blue Horizon, Pink Sand, White, Black, (Product) Red
Price: AU$65

Material: silicone
Colour options: Cornflower, Dragon Fruit, Canary Yellow, Delft Blue, Papaya, Spearmint, Hibiscus, Mellow Yellow, Pacific Green, Nectarine, Blue Horizon, Stone, Black, (Product) Red
Price: AU$65

Buy iPhone XS Max Apple Silicone Case

iphone xs max leather case blue

2. Apple Leather Case

Take things up a notch in the luxury department by going with the Apple Leather Case. Like the silicone variant, this one fits the XS or XS Max to perfection, and offers a plush interior of microfiber lining. That’s joined by an exterior of premium leather, which develops a rich, natural patina over time. Also featured are matching aluminium buttons. With this case at your disposal, you’re one smooth operator.

Material: leather
Colour options: Cornflower, Sunset, Lilac, Cape Cod Blue, Midnight Blue
Price: AU$79

Material: leather
Colour options: Cornflower, Sunset, Lilac, Peony Pink, Cape Cod Blue, Taupe, Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, Black, (Product) Red
Price: AU$79

apple leather folio

3. Apple Leather Folio

If you thought there was nowhere to go but down from the Apple Leather Case, you thought wrong. Allow us to present the Apple Leather Folio, which takes things a step further by doubling down on that dreamy leather exterior, and wrapping your phone from front to back. Meanwhile, the inside of the front panel can also hold cash or cards, sparing you the need for a wallet. Oh, and did we mention your iPhone will automatically turn on when you open the case, or turn off when you close it? Or that Apple donates a portion of every purchase toward AIDS research? Indeed, there’s no shortage of reasons to buy this magnificent smartphone case.

Material: leather
Colour options: Forest Green, Cornflower, Sunset, Lilac, Peony Pink, Cape Cod Blue, (Product) Red
Price: AU$149

Material: leather
Colour options: Forest Green, Cornflower, Sunset, Lilac, Peony Pink, Cape Cod Blue, Black, (Product) Red
Price: AU$189

apple otterbox statement series

4. Apple OtterBox Statement Series

Designed exclusively for iPhones, the OtterBox Statement Series offers a transparent window on the back so that the natural aesthetic of your XS or XS Max can still shine through. Thanks to copious amounts of testing, the case is also guaranteed to rigorously protect your smartphone, no matter how many times you drop it in the midst of your intoxicated stupor. Sealing the deal is an affordable price point (relatively speaking).

Material: Clear polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber screen bezel and interior bumper, leather accent / felt accent
Colour options: felt – Storm, Magenta; leather – Black, Jade
Price: $49.95

bellroy phone case

5. Bellroy Phone Case

Australia’s Bellroy pairs environmentally-certified leather with a slim, minimalist aesthetic on their flagship iPhone XS smartphone case. Also featured are chamfered edges and microfiber lining. Like so many Bellroy products, this case emanates with simplicity and sophistication in equal measure. That it’s one of the best practically goes without saying.

Material: leather
Colour options: Black, Graphite, Basalt, Cobalt, Racing Green, Coral, Tofee, Lemon
Price: from AU$69

Buy Bellroy Phone Case

bellroy phone case 3

6. Bellroy Phone Case 3

If you took your iPhone XS to the max (i.e. bought an XS Max), fret not because Bellroy still has a case just for you, and an ingenious one at that. Made using quality leather and a newly engineered flex polymer, the Phone Case 3 hosts an integrated section for up to three cards. Form, meet function.

Material: leather
Colour options: Black, Graphite, Caramel, Coral
Price: from AU$99

Buy Bellroy Phone Case 3

cygnett ozone

7. Cygnett Ozone

Here’s another case that lets your new iPhone do all the talking from a visual perspective. To make the magic happen, Cygnett employs Japanese 9H scratch-resistant glass and a lightweight anti-shock frame. It all comes in at an agreeable price point, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

Material: Shock Absorbent soft TPU frame; Japanese tempered glass case
Colour options: Black, Silver
Price: AU$39.95

Buy iPhone XS Cygnett Ozone

Buy iPhone XS Max Cygnett Ozone

tech 21 evo wallet

8. Tech 21 Evo Wallet

Thanks to the use of a high-impact material known as FlexShock, the Evo Wallet Case from Tech 21 can withstand drops of up to 12 feet. Furthermore, the case offers magnetic closure, and storage room for two cards. What more do you need?

Colour options: Black
Price: from AU$70

Buy iPhone XS Tech 21 Evo Wallet

Buy iPhone XS Max Tech 21 Evo Wallet

tech 21 evo max

9. Tech 21 Evo Max

Thin, light, and impact-resistant for up to 14 feet, the Evo Max covers the basics with maximum efficiency. Make this supremely durable case part of your arsenal to give your smartphone the protection it deserves.

Colour options: Black
Price: from AU$60

Buy iPhone XS Tech 21 Evo Max

Buy iPhone XS Max Tech 21 Evo Max

presidio wallet

10. Presidio Wallet

Bolstered by two layers of protection (including raised bezel screen protection), the Presido Wallet Case is a sleek and sturdy stunner. Throw in an affordable price point, and room for cards and cash, and it’s no wonder that this ranks among the best iPhone XS or XS Max cases one can find.

Colour options: Black
Price: $44.95

Buy iPhone XS Presidio Wallet

Colour options: Black, Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black
Price: $49.95

Buy iPhone XS Max Presidio Wallet

grovemade walnut and leather iphone wallet case

11. Grovemade Walnut & Leather iPhone Wallet Case

One look is all it takes to fall in love with this premium wallet smartphone case from Grovemade. Touting some utterly distinguished style, the case pairs a carved walnut frame with a vegetable-tanned leather cover to striking effect. Designed, manufactured, and hand-finished in Portland, Oregon, this brilliant product simply emanates with character.

Buy Grovemade Wallet Case

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