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23 Best Craft Breweries in Brisbane | Man of Many

Born and tested in Scotland, before perfecting their art and making the trip to Brisbane, Brewdog Dogtap Brisbane is a brewery you can’t afford to miss. You only need to read their charter to understand how passionate the brewery is to create the perfect craft beer. Only second to their passion for craft beer is their love for their customers and community, which means you’ll be in good hands for your next drink.

1. BrewDog Dogtap Brisbane

No doubt a brand you’ll have seen at your local bottle shop, and now you can now try their beloved craft brews on tap at Stone & Wood Brewery Brisbane. The brand’s continually changing website shows you what beers they have on tap, so you can spot if your favourite is available before you head in or find something else that tickles your fancy. It’s a popular spot, so head in early for one of the freshest beers you’ll find on tap at this Brisbane craft brewery.

2. Stone & Wood Brewery Brisbane

Located under the Story Bridge, alongside the banks of Brisbane River, soak up the afternoon sun as you quench your thirst at Felons Brewing Co. Perfect for those summer afternoon brews, you and your friends can spend hours knocking back the wide range of craft beers Felons has to offer. And if you want a peek behind the curtain, you can take a tour through this Brisbane craft brewery and see first-hand how your favourite beer is made.

3. Felons Brewing Co.

A multi-award-winning Brisbane brewery, the prestigious Green Beacon Brewing Co. is another great spot for those end of week drinks. Using only the freshest, preservative-free ingredients, their craft beer provides the best natural flavour you’ll find in a brew. And to pair with these great, natural craft choices on tap, you can feast on their rotating seafood menu for a unique combination like no other in Brisbane.

4. Green Beacon Brewing Co.

Also under the Story Bridge, but on the side of Kangaroo Point, is where you’ll find Sea Legs Brewing Co. Along with their wide variety of craft beers on tap, you’ll find a wide menu of your favourite pub foods, from the classics like burgers, pizzas and chicken wings, to the more experimental pizza spring rolls and halloumi chips. With all these great drinks and menu options, you’ll be leaving full and satisfied every time you exit this Brisbane craft brewery.

5. Sea Legs Brewing Co.

The Newstead Brewing Co. has two locations across Brisbane, one in Newstead itself and another in Milton. Clearly a popular and expanding business, the success of Newstead Brewing Co. has been built on great tasting craft beer. Newstead also hosts trivia at their Milton Brewpub every Wednesday at 7 pm for those who are looking to challenge themselves as they tackle some of best brews in Queensland.

6. Newstead Brewing Co.

The Catchment Brewing Co. is a brewery on our list which is continuing the heritage of Brisbane brewing that started 1886. Occupying the location of the historic and storied West End Brewery, The Catchment Brewing Co. continue their legacy with their range of award winning craft beers. You can soak up the history while you take in the flavours of a wonderfully crafted beer on tap. Easily one of the best craft breweries Brisbane has to offer.

7. The Catchment Brewing Co.

With three locations for you to sit and drink from, Ballistic Beer Co. is another great brewery successfully booming in Brisbane. At all their brewing locations, and in this case at Salisbury, Ballistic Beer Co. have made the decision to brew in smaller batches, so that their beer is the freshest it can be for all to try. While this means more work to meet the great demand for their product, it shows the dedication of Ballistic Beer Co. to their customers, and to a memorable and enjoyable craft beer.

8. Ballistic Beer Co.

Range Brewing is another brewery that started its life overseas, but made the trip to Brisbane for its adoring craft beer population. The brewery was founded on the belief that experience and education from travels around the world can help to make a better crafted beer, and this shows in Range Brewing’s variety of flavourful craft brews. To go with these great beers, you’ll also find a huge pizza menu, a great pairing with a cold craft beer on tap.

9. Range Brewing

Starting from the suburbia of Brisbane, Soapbox Beer have become something bigger, while still sticking to their small, independent roots. Their focus remains on creating a great craft beer, and this shows in the consistency of quality amongst their range. As with a lot of the breweries on our list, you’ll also find a great menu at Soapbox Beer, meaning you can spend the evening enjoying a great meal and drinks.

10. Soapbox Beer

Hidden down an alley way of Brisbane, you’ll find the fun and flashy Brisbane Brewing Co. Described as having a trendy interior, and a cool, calming exterior beer garden, Brisbane Brewing Co. has something for everyone. Along with their wonderful craft beer, they also have a menu that caters for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free customers, further demonstrating that all are welcome at Brisbane Brewing Co.

11. Brisbane Brewing Co.

Helios Brewing is all about the sustainable and responsible enjoyment of craft beer. Powered from solar panels (hence the name Helios, Greek God of the Sun) Helios hopes to create flavourful craft beer with a low carbon footprint. Only 800 metres from the Yeerongpilly Station, Helios Brewing is also a convenient and safe brewery to get to, avoiding the opportunity for intoxicated travel. Helios Brewing also cater towards children (no, not serving them drinks) with facilities to keep them entertained while you enjoy their craft beers and food.

12. Helios Brewing

Inspired by some of the best breweries of the USA, Slipstream Brewing Company provides the best drinking experience for all its customers. With a wide variety of craft beers, Slipstream Brewing Company also have a menu of ciders and wines for those who aren’t craft beer fans (if that’s you, you might be reading the wrong list). Their rotation of food trucks from Friday to Sunday also means that you’ll never have the same meal twice, making for a unique experience with every visit.

13. Slipstream Brewing Company

Aether Brewing is a brewery built off friendship. Inspired as children by their fathers’ backyard brewing, the owners of Aether Brewing started their own business, to share with you their award winning craft beers. Creativity is also key to the brewers here, so be prepared for tastes and flavours unique to anything you’ve had before. If you’re looking for a friendly environment, run by those who know their craft beers, Aether Brewing is the spot for you.

14. Aether Brewing

4 Hearts Brewing have got plenty to love. Enjoy their outdoor seating area while you dig into their menu of delicious pub food, paired with one of their craft beers on tap. Great pub food and craft beer, what more can you ask for? Well, they also do great cocktails, so they’ve got that going for them too.

15. 4 Hearts Brewing

Fick Brewing Co. is the destination of European inspiration. Specialising in Belgian craft brews and European food, feel like you’ve travelled across the globe as you make your way through their menu and craft beer taps. It’s important (to us) to note that their chips are hand cut, making for some of the crispiest, yummiest chips you’ll ever have. Well paired with a cold beer as well.

16. Fick Brewing Co.

All Inn Brewing, as the name suggests, put their all into their craft beer brewing. For All Inn Brewing, community and culture is just as important as their craft beers, making for great service and care at their brewery. Throughout the week you’ll find a range of games and events such as trivia nights and live performances. And out back, there’s a consistently changing roster of food trucks to keep you from getting hungry.

17. All Inn Brewing

Now, unlike the name suggests, Monkey Tree aren’t… messing around (Fooling around? Playing around? There’s got to be a better phrase…). Monkey Tree create craft beer that tastes good, and that you can also have a good time drinking. Using all natural and locally sourced ingredients, you are guaranteed most authentic flavours in your craft beer of choice.

18. Monkey Tree

Winning Queensland’s best new brewery of 2018, Revel Brewing Co. have remained a high quality brewing location ever since. Paired well with their craft beers is their range of wood-fired pizzas, with your classic pizza options as well as the more experimental. Revel Brewing Co. is great spot for the whole family.

19. Revel Brewing Co.

Thirsty Chiefs Brewery Company stands out from our list of the best craft breweries in Brisbane, as one of the only that lets you brew your own drink. You can have a go of their high tech equipment, to create a great tasting beer from their menu. If you thought a beer tasted good after a hard day’s work, wait and see what it’s like ‘homemade’.

20. Thirsty Chiefs Brewery Company

Only 11 minutes away from the Gabba, Semi-Pro Brewing Co. is a great spot for your post-match kick-ons, or pre-game nerve settler. A great location run by friendly and helpful staff, and more importantly great tasting craft beers on tap, you can’t go wrong at Semi-Pro Brewing Co.

21. Semi-Pro Brewing Co.

At the Horny Wombat Brewery, all brewing is overseen by the one brewmaster, assuring consistent quality and consistency amongst their brews. With no chemicals or preservatives, you can order anything on the menu knowing you’re getting the best that Horny Wombat Brewery can provide, which, is a pretty damn good brew.

22. Horny Wombat Brewery

To close out our list of the best craft breweries in Brisbane, we have Bacchus Brewing Co. With an average of three new beers on tap each week, you could go every week for a year and never have the same beer twice. With ribs on the menu over the weekend, and a new food truck every Friday night, Bacchus Brewing Co. is hard to pass up for a great night out.

23. Bacchus Brewing Co.

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