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13 Spots for the Best Fish and Chips on the Gold Coast | Man of Many

The Inky Squid has battered its way to the top of the Good Food guide, and intends to stay there. Opening in 2018, it’s since won back to back ‘reader’s choice awards’ in 2019 and 2020. The readers love it, you will too.

1. The Inky Squid, Terranora Fish & Chippery

Classic name for a classic spot. Only problem might be convincing the kids it’s not Dory they’ve found in their baskets. One of three locations Australia-wide Hunky Dory is a known and loved entity at this point. Get it in ya!

2. Hunky Dory Fish & Chips Palm Beach

Red Hot Cod is Burleigh Heads’ number one Fish and Chippery. Which is made only more impressive when seeing the absolute stacks of places all along the Burleigh Heads Beach. Number one only means something if you’ve beat someone right? Well, they’ve beat everyone.

3. Red Hot Cod

An education in class, The Fish Emporium is a smart-casual eating experience. Adding Sashimi into the mix as well as a stunning riverside dining view, here you’ll be able to while an evening away as the sun sets over the Nerang. Where else can you coconut your prawns?

4. The Fish Emporium

In the perfectly named Mermaid Waters, you can find Two Wise Fish. Honing the craft of a good fish feed over three generations, this wife and husband pairing are the titular two wise fish to head to for all your good food needs. Expect to see fish that’ve only left the water that morning battered up in gorgeous fish salad sangas. A healthy offering for fish and chips on the Gold Coast.

5. Two Wise Fish

Looking for a healthy solution to your fish and chips craving? Millie Weirs Fish & Chips are the place to hit on Paradise Point. Working with a one-of-a-kind secret recipe prepare yourself for flavours you’ll find nowhere else. Taking big strides into modernity they also offer gluten and dairy free takes on your battered favourites.

6. Millie Weirs Fish & Chippery

Burleigh Heads Fishmongers provide the quintessential fish and chip experience. No fif-faffery, just some of the best fish and chips the Gold Coast has to offer. Placed just a bee’s dick from the water you can take everything you love about the ocean just a tiny bit out of it, then get it battered, fried and served on a plate for you.

7. Burleigh Heads Fishmongers

You wouldn’t steal a car, luckily you can leave the piracy to Jolly Roger Fish and Chips. Based in Miami, don’t expect to see palm fronds but do prepare yourself to swashbuckle in for fish friends, crab burgers and keto chips. Doubling up on the good times, they’ve got a solid range of beers on tap to quench your grog thirst.

8. The Jolly Roger Fish and Chips

Working on giving you a great feed since 1995, Chevron Island Seafoods have worked out exactly what they’re doing. They provide a gorgeously simple menu at awesome prices to give you exactly what you need to crush your fried fish cravings. A pretty perfect fish and chip shop.

9. Chevron Island Seafoods

Looking for scrumptious seafood on Main Beach? Look no further, Peter’s Fish Market has you covered. Here you’ll find simple salty snacks done right. They’ll even do one up on a few of the others you’ll find by parting ways with their recipes, just remember to ask nicely.

10. Peters Fish Market

The Fish Shak couldn’t get closer to the Coral Sea without getting in it. You can find the full range of sea snaks at the shak, up to and including lobster. If you’re feeling less fancy, they’ll do you a dagwood dog no trouble too. Rounding out the menu, they’ve got a full list of beer and wines to help the good times go down.

11. The Fish Shak

Charis Seafoods does its bit in providing the people of Gold Coast with great fish and chips, where they’re a step above is how they feed the wildlife too. If you can make it down for 1:30, on any day, you can witness the one of a kind event that is the pelican feeding. An awesome sight to behold, and inspiration for your next speed eating competition all in one.

12. Charis Seafoods

Captain Hook’s Seafood is the nostalgic fish and chip shop for Gold Coast locals to dive into. Every aspect of this place seems crafted to scream fish and chippery. From the Powerade signs up front to the red border round the menu this place is right out of your childhood. You couldn’t craft more of a Queensland icon if you tried.

13. Captain Hook’s Seafood

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